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Joining two families together can be very difficult: the joining of two cultures, different values, different boundaries and different ideas etc. Sometimes this can cause pressure on you and your family. Your goal of a settled happy family may feel unreachable. Counselling can help you to become more aware of specific issues that affect your family.

Awareness of specific issues which affect these families:
- Culture issues and how this is managed (different families blending)
- Making rules and routine changes and how this can be managed
- Discipline (leave to the hands of the biological parent until things have been settled)
- New homes / sharing / rivalry / authority status

The dynamics of the new couple:
- Exploring this / what is this like for the children
- Encouraging the relationship to slow down for the children
- Helping each other to express how he/she feels when children say/do certain things.

Unfinished business:
- Unfinished business may make things difficult in the new relationship
- Communication with your partner
- Help identify trigger points and learn to do something different to stop repeating old patterns.

How Can I Help?

Counselling allows you together to explore difficult/sensitive issues where appropriate. It challenges, teaches and helps to gain awareness which can help promote change.

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