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Couples; If you want real change!

Couples go through what we call the honeymoon period where life could not be better. Once this period is over negatives feelings can begin to show themselves and difficulties may begin, cracks start to form. Some couples get through this period and are happy. Others find this period difficult. If this period is not dealt with appropriately upset and difficulties form. One thing building upon another and it becomes almost impossible then to cope.

A Crisis:
- Something happens which shatters the former relationship: trauma caused by an affair, death, drink issues, violent behaviour, children etc
- Conflict starts to appear
- Tension rises as couples usual way of coping fails
- Partner becomes more defensive which may cause a break down of the relationship
- Intimacy shifts (an affair/ one goes off sex) etc
- Communication breakdown; always the same, having a nervous breakdown, you're driving me insane!
- Feeling rejected
- No more energies are put into the marriage
- Couples start doing their own thing.

How Can I Help?

Counselling allows you together to explore difficult/sensitive issues where appropriate. It challenges, teaches and helps to gain awareness which can help promote change.

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